People & the Planet Videos

People & the Planet Videos - an offshoot of People & the Planet magazine - were launched in 1995, to meet the need for low-cost video information on successful sustainable development initiatives. They have since been screened in over 60 countries and are now made available digitally for this archive.

A collaborative effort between People & the Planet magazine, the British Documentary producer, North South Productions, and the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE), the films also received research backing from The International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED).

Themes include reproductive health, the education of girls and new ways in which women are communicating. The final film, entitled Investing in People, looks at ways in which local communities are working to improve their environment, and at the importance of supporting such efforts.

Each film is linked to special issues of People & the Planet and each was produced in collaboration with South-based NGOs.

Originally produced in English, French and Spanish, these new English language website versions are: