Fate of the forest

Posted: 1 August 2000

For over 20 years the destruction of the world's tropical forests has been at the forefront of environmental protection campaigns. Yet the devastation continues. Fate of the Forests highlights new strategies for conservation.

Visiting Uganda and Peru, the programme shows how poverty is forcing local peasant farmers, desperate for fertile land, to make more and more incursions into the forest. One alternative may be agroforestry techniques - using existing trees for commercial products, and planting trees to protect fragile farmland.

In Guyana, however, the threat to the country's primary rainforests comes not from slash-and-burn farming but from the highly destructive, large-scale logging operations by South East Asian timber companies. One solution, the film suggests, is to adopt a system of eco-labelling sustainably produced logs first pioneered in Indonesia.

Fate of the Forests has been produced as a special half-hour documentary for Earth Report, by producer Marc de Beaufort and Carlton Productions for TVE/WWF. Earth Report is a series of 52 five-minute news features covering a wide range of environmental and development issues which aims to be an ongoing assessment of how well the world is doing to meet the targets set by the 1992 Rio Earth Summit

Reviewer: Nick Rance

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