The tragedy of industrial forestry

Posted: 13 August 2000

Author: Bill Devall
Sierra Club Books/Earth Island Press, 1993
US$30 pb

If Westoby's approach is people-centred then this striking book is nature-centred. The spiritual dimension of trees and forests is highlighted and the tragedy of their destruction is starkly illustrated with 169 pages of full colour plates. Not a book for the squeamish!

The pictures are matched by a series of deep-cutting essays which leave the reader with the uneasy feeling that as forests are destroyed so is the human soul. The book is dedicated to the "memory of the plantlife, birds, insects, animals and indigenous cultures that have been driven to extinction by the greed and delusion of human arrogance."

That says it all.

Reviewer: Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud

Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud is head of the WWF International Forest Programme