Sex With Angels

Posted: 26 July 2001

Tourism in the paradise island of the Dominican Republic is increasing. So are the numbers of local girls selling sex for tourist dollars.

It is estimated that in the Dominican Republic, which has a population of about seven million, there are 25,000 children working as prostitutes.

Using a hidden camera Sex With the Angels captures life on the streets - hotel workers offering to arrange sex with child prostitutes, tourists negotiating prices and the police cracking down on the trade and demanding bribes. Two young girls talk about their experiences and lead the film-makers to examine the organisations who are working in the slums to support vulnerable minors and provide alternative opportunities.

This film forms part of the 32 part series, 'From Rhetoric to Reality', which available on five tapes. Tape 2 includes Sex With Angels and can be bought separately.

This 14-minute film produced in 2000, is available in Spanish, French (dubbed) and English (dubbed) from:

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