Hands On - Energy, Infrastructure and Recycling

Posted: 19 April 2002

Author: Emma Judge
ITDG Publishing, London, 2001
Price: £12.95, orders@plymbridge.com

Based on the Hands On series of video films prepared by the Television Trust for the Environment and broadcast on BBC World, Hands On - Energy, Infrastructure and Recycling covers innovations in energy and power, buildings, transport and re-use of materials.

The book offers a range of appropriate innovations and environmentally sound solutions for development professionals, NGOs, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to improve people's livelihoods and help reduce consumption. They give practical advice and demonstrate a wide range of 'how to' technologies including income-generating schemes.

All of the new technologies and scientific breakthroughs described can be applied by individuals and entrepreneurs at a reasonable cost to themselves and to the community. Some of the initiatives can be applied in the home, while others can be used by entrepreneurs to stimulate green business and small-scale enterprise. The studies in this book have been produced as a result of personal experience from somewhere in the world.