Africa: Forests under threat

Posted: 16 October 2002

This book, based on a series of on-line articles published by World Rainforest Movement's monthly Bulletin, explores the reasons behind the continuing destruction of African forests and the struggle to protect and sustainably use these precious resources.

The book focuses on those people suffering from the impacts of deforestation and forest degradation, who resist appropriation of their territories and who create environmentally and socially appropriate alternatives for their use. The articles attempt to reflect the struggles of these protagonists, with the central aim of supporting them. The level of detail and analysis in the articles varies greatly but all serve to generate resistance and solidarity regarding this subject.

Not included are the numerous sources of information on which the various articles are based, due to lack of space. However, those who are interested in accessing these sources may do so by accessing the on-line version of WRM's Bulletin and by searching for the year and month corresponding to the article in question.

Non-governmental Organizations and Indigenous Peoples Organizations can request a free copy of the book by contacting the WRM International Secretariat with your postal address: Email: (Also available in Spanish and French). For other organizations or institutions the cost is US$10 (including postage). Please make cheques (against a U.S bank) payable to: 'Fundacion Movimiento Mundial por los Bosques Tropicales' and send to: Maldonado 1858, CP 11200 Montevideo, URUGUAY (South America).