Stormy Weather

101 Solutions to Global Climate Change

Posted: 25 June 2003

Author: Guy Dauncey
New Society Publishers, 2001, £14.99

At last, a way we ordinary folk can get involved in helping prevent dangerous climate change, from eating organic food to switching to green power, and from organising a car-share scheme to stopping global deforestation.


This book outlines solutions which apply to just about everyone: from global corporations right down to the average consumer.

Accessible and with its feet firmly on the ground, Stormy Weather provides something which is so frequently lacking from climate change literature: a positive message.

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Reviewer: Mark Lynas

Reviewer Info: Mark Lynas is a specialist in Climate Change. His new book, High Tide: News from a warming world, will be published by Flamingo/HarperCollins in March 2004.