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  • World call to save Sweden's virgin forest from the saw

    25 February 2011

    Conservationists  in Sweden are campaigning against the recent decision  to allow the logging of pristine subalpine forest in a vast roadless wilderness in the Anok river delta. It is, they say, an example of the country's 'hollow' forestry laws.

  • Bushmeat hunting driving Tanzanian forests to crisis

    9 February 2011

    Several animal species in southern Tanzania are suffering alarming declines due to bushmeat hunting and habitat degradation, and urgent action is needed to prevent the collapse of local biodiversity, according to a new report.

  • Rwanda - restoring nature for future prosperity

    3 February 2011

    Rwanda aims to achieve a country-wide reversal of the current degradation of soil, water, land and forest resources by 2035 through its Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative.

  • World's ten most threatened forests listed at launch of a special year

    2 February 2011

    To mark the launch today of the the International Year of Forests, the US-based Conservation International has listed the ten most at-risk forested hotspots around the world - all  predominantly tropical.

  • Species survey boosts Scottish reforestation plans

    16 February 2010

    Biodiversity surveys carried out at the on Dundreggan Estate in Glen Moriston, Inverness-shire have identified 56 priority species for conservation - including some feared extinct in Scotland.

  • Payments for forests set to heat atmosphere in Copenhagen

    10 December 2009

    Forests are likely to be one of the hottest topics at Copenhagen over the coming days, as a new approach is discussed aiming to slow climate change by paying countries to stop cutting down their trees.

  • Billion hectares of forests with potential for restoration, study shows

    3 December 2009

    Land areas around the world, bigger than Canada, have been identified as having potential to be restored to good quality, healthy forests, a new study has found.

  • Halt to forest loss a key to stabilising climate

    20 October 2009

    WWF is challenging global leaders to back an ambitious target on stopping forest loss as a major element of efforts to avert the looming climate catastrophe.

  • New hope for China's Great Green Wall

    28 August 2009

    The dramatic beauty of deserts has inspired generations of poets, painters, and adventurers. But the risk of further desertification poses one of the greatest environmental and ecological threats to sustainable development. The danger zone includes vast areas of China from where there is now evidence that parts of the desert can be turned green. However, according to some biodiversity experts, China's Great Green Wall remains a highly controversial issue (see link below).

  • Pygmy lives neglected in forests of the troubled Congo

    24 April 2009

    The provinces of Northern and Southern Kivu are amongst those most affected by deforestation and soil degradation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the 'pygmies' who live there are most at risk from international efforts to combat the problem, writes Joseph Itongwa from the Shirika La Bambuti organization which is fighting for pygmy rights and survival.