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  • Amazon could shrink by 85 per cent scientists say

    12 March 2009

    Global warming will wreck attempts to save the Amazon rainforest, according to a devastating new study which predicts that one-third of its trees will be killed by even modest temperature rises. This report by David Adam, Environment Correspondent of the The Guardian, appreaded in that newspapewr yesterday.

  • Russian protected forests sold for logging

    26 February 2009

    Protected forest in Russia including a "maternity hospital" for the Amur tiger and unique Korean pine stands have been sold for logging in controversial circumstances and in the face of protests by WWF-Russia and the local population.

  • Warming doubles tree deaths in western USA

    9 February 2009

    A new study led by the US Geological Survey and other research institutes indicates tree deaths in the US West's old-growth forests have more than doubled in recent decades, probably from regional warming and related drought conditions.

  • Forest destruction costs more than banking crisis

    3 February 2009

    As first reported last October, the global economy is losing more money from the loss of forests than through the current banking crisis, according to an EU-study. Here is a fuller report on a major research exercise which will conclude in 2010.

  • Reversing forest decline can combat climate change

    5 January 2009

    The future of the planet's forests must play a big part in efforts to combat climate change says Lester Brown in this latest assessment of the continuing decline in tropical forests - and how that can be reversed.

  • US states sign tropical forest pledge

    19 November 2008

    The states of California, Illinois, and Wisconsin and six states in Brazil and Indonesia agreed today to work together on new programmes for protecting and restoring tropical forests as an essential but so far untapped strategy to combat climate change.

  • Global fund 'could pay owners to keep rainforests safe'

    20 October 2008

    A revolutionary multibillion-dollar fund should be set up to pay the owners of the world's rainforests not to cut them down, according to a report sent to the British Prime Minister. John Vidal and Juliette Jowit of The Guardian report.

  • Brazilian deforestation speeds up

    13 October 2008

    Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon increased 69 per cent in the past 12 months as high commodity prices have driven forest conversion for ranches and cropland, according to preliminary figures released by Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in September. The increase comes after three consecutive years of declining deforestation in Brazil.

  • Indonesia pledges to protect Sumatra's remaining forests

    9 October 2008

    Under an agreement announced today, Indonesia has made a commitment to protect the remaining forests and critical ecosystems of Sumatra, an Indonesian island that holds some of the world's most diverse - and endangered - forests. It is an island where forest clearance has ravaged half of its forest cover in the last 30 years, causing massive forest fires that have sent smoke haze over the island and neighbouring Malaysia.

  • Oil palm plantations no substitute for rainforests

    18 September 2008

    The continued expansion of oil palm plantations will worsen the dual environmental crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, unless rainforests are better protected, warn scientists in the most comprehensive review of the subject to date.