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  • One-fifth of EU timber imports are illegal

    22 July 2008

    Almost one-fifth of wood imported into the European Union in 2006 came from illegal sources, with the UK being the second largest importer, a new investigation has found.

  • Indigenous people in Borneo face logging showdown

    21 June 2008

    A month-long blockade of logging roads by indigenous people in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia in o protest over illegal logging on their communal lands is about to be broken up by police, the Environment News Agency reports.

  • UNEP launches 7 billion tree campaign

    21 May 2008

    A worldwide tree planting drive to help tackle the challenge of climate change, has now set its sights on planting seven billion trees. It follows the news that the Billion Tree Campaign has, in just 18 months, encouraged the planting of two billion trees, double its original target.

  • Forest loss not to blame for major flooding, say UN experts

    20 May 2008

    It is commonly thought that deforestation is a major cause of severe flooding. But United Nations official Patrick Durst, and some other experts, disagree. Planting trees and watershed management has many environmental benefis, but preventing large-scale floods is not one of them, they argue in a recent report. Henrylito Tacio investigates.

  • Now or never for Solomons fisheries: Greenpeace

    29 April 2008

    Greenpeace has launched two reports which highlight the fragility of the Solomon Islands' two key natural resources, fisheries and forestry, and provide practical and ecologically responsible solutions to ensure their viability for generations to come.

  • Vietnam now a hub of illegal timber trade

    20 March 2008

    Vietnam has become a hub for processing huge quantities of unlawfully-logged timber from across Indochina, threatening some of the last intact forests in the region, a detailed investigation has revealed.

  • Sumatra's burning forests take climate toll

    28 February 2008

    As the haze from burning forests in Indonesia once again envelopes parts of Malaysia, a new study shows that turning the forests and peat swamps of just one Sumatran province into pulpwood and palm oil plantations is generating more annual greenhouse gas emissions than the Netherlands and is rapidly driving the province's elephants into extinction.

  • Urgent action needed to address mangrove loss

    4 February 2008

    Environmental and economic damages caused by the alarming loss of mangroves in many countries should be urgently addressed, according to a new UN report.

  • Illegal logging threatens tigers and tribes in Sumatra

    9 January 2008

    Field investigations in central Sumatra have found that the home of two tribes of indigenous people and endangered elephants, tigers and orang-utans faces "being split in half" by the construction of "a legally questionable highway" for logging trucks servicing one of the world's largest paper companies.

  • Save Yasuni National Park plea

    6 July 2007

    Indigenous communities from Yasuni National Park, home to some of the most biodiverse primary tropical rainforest on the planet, sent a message to the world today pleading to save the park from devastation by the oil industry.