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  • Timber crisis follows tsunami

    28 April 2005

    Aceh's already shattered landscape faces further devastation if donor countries do not immediately supply the tsunami-stricken province with sustainable timber. The warning was made in Jakarta, at the launch of a set of reconstruction guidelines to strengthen and safeguard Aceh's environment against future threats.

  • Afghanistan launches tree planting drive

    19 April 2005

    Kabul is a drab, dun-coloured city, its formerly lush hills now lying bare under the harsh sun, the air thick with a fine, acrid dust. More than 20 years of conflict followed by a seven-year drought have decimated the city's greenery and left its residents gasping for oxygen. But now that could change.

  • Chinese imports 'threaten world's forests'

    7 March 2005

    Because of its rapidly rising demand for wood, China is set to lead the world's wood market, with devastating impacts on some of the planet's outstanding forests unless major changes are made in the country's current policies, conservationists warn.

  • World's biggest timber smuggling racket exposed

    18 February 2005

    Rampant smuggling of illegal timber from Indonesia to China is a billion dollar trade threatening the last remaining intact tropical forests in the Asia-Pacific region, warns a new report by leading environmental agencies.

  • Plantation pain in Swaziland

    14 February 2005

    Tree plantations have had a disastrous impact on the people and environment of Swaziland, according to a new report from the TimberWatch Coalition in that small, landlocked and very poor country in southern Africa. Chris Lang reports.

  • Congo Basin's forests face the chop

    3 February 2005

    Two-thirds of the Congo Basin's forests could be lost within fifty years if illegal logging, poaching and smuggling of wildlife, and the illicit bushmeat trade continue, warns a leading conservation agency.

  • Haitian storm deaths blamed on deforestation

    27 October 2004

    Hurricane Jean has caused at least 1,500 deaths in the Caribbean island nation of Haiti, and more than 1,050 people are missing - yet only 11 are reported dead in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.

  • Bamboo's last shoots

    7 May 2004

    Urgent action is needed to protect the world's remaining wild bamboo reserves from deforestation and the much-loved but endangered species that depend on them for habitats and food, warns a UN report.

  • Amazon forest still shrinking fast

    8 April 2004

    A satellite survey released by Brazil's National Space Sciences Institute (INPE) reveals that the Amazon forest is continuing to be destroyed at a fast rate. Deforestation in 2003 was slightly up on the year before.

  • Amazon carbon sink effect 'slows'

    11 March 2004

    Scientists have sounded the alarm after spotting changes in the environment in Brazil's tropical rain forests.