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  • HIV epidemic restructuring Africa's population

    6 December 2000

    The HIV epidemic raging across Africa is a tragedy of epic proportions, one that is altering the region's demographic future. It is reducing life expectancy, raising mortality, lowering fertility, creating an excess of men over women, and leaving millions of orphans in its wake.

  • 6 billion - and counting

    7 September 2000

    Can the world sustain a population of 8-12 billion in the current century? Maybe, says Carl Haub, but there is no certainty that population growth can be kept within these bounds.

  • The consumption bomb

    7 September 2000

    Thirty years ago, Paul Ehrlich awoke the world to the coming population bomb. Now, says Paul Harrison, the closely relation consumption bomb may become an even greater threat.

  • Planet Earth 2025: A look into the future world of 8 billion humans

    7 September 2000

    Forecasting the future is asking for trouble. There are too many interacting uncertainties and too many unknowns. The Soviet Union collapsed only months after one eminent historian was predicting its survival long into the 21st century. Indian famines, forecast in the 1960s, have thus far been averted. No one quite knows how fast the earth will warm.

  • Rising numbers cast a long shadow

    5 September 2000

    What will be the social and environmental consequences of adding another three billion or more people to the world's population? Lester Brown, Gary Gardner and Brian Halweil of the Worldwatch Institute provide a sobering analysis.

  • What hope for a second Africa?

    5 September 2000

    Never before have so many nations tried to modernise in the face of such extraordinary population growth as is now occurring in Africa. Here, Professor George Benneh assesses the scale of the challenge.