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  • Welcome to our Website

    15 August 2013

    Twenty years ago at the first Earth Summit in Rio, a new British charity, Planet 21, launched People and the Planet magazine in an effort to track progress in working towards a fair and sustainable future for humanity on planet earth.

  • Dispatches from South India: Alleppey's dirty waters

    13 June 2012

    Kerala’s backwaters are beautiful and a growing tourist magnet, but says Veronique Meunier in this report for Tourism Concern, it hides a dirty secret as tourist boats ignore the rules about polluting the lake waters and threaten this lovely environment and the people who live there.

  • Bees at risk from chemicals increase

    23 May 2012

    Pesticide use in the UK rose by 6.5 per cent between 2005 and 2010, increasing the risk to bee populations, according to new research launched today by Friends of the Earth.

  • Fracking requires a minimum distance from sensitive rock strata

    25 April 2012

    The chances of rogue fractures due to shale gas fracking operations carried out more than 0.6 kilometres vertically from the injection source are shown to be exceedingly low - a fraction of one percent, according to new research led by Durham University. 

  • UN drinking water target met - but sanitation still falls short

    3 April 2012

    The world has met the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target of halving the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water five years ahead of the 2015 deadline - but is unlikely to meet the sanitation target.

  • Tar sands campaigners hit back at Canadian lobbying

    19 December 2011

     A coalition of organisations is calling on the Canadian government to stop sending spokespeople to interfere in EU legislation on fuel policy that could affect the import of oil from Alberta's tar sands.

  • Troubling trends slow gains in life expectancy

    18 November 2011

    Continuing progress in raising  life expectancy across the world will depend on reducing pollution and fostering healthy lifestyles for everyone says Brigid Fitzgerald Reading in this report from the Earth Policy Institure.

  • A fifty million dollar tipping point?

    11 August 2011

    At a recent press conference New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he was contributing $50 million to the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign. Michael Brune, head of the Sierra Club, called it a "game changer". It is that, but it also could push the United States, and indeed the world, to a tipping point on the climate issue.

  • Uphill fight to bring Gulf of Mexico's 'dead zones' back to life

    10 August 2011

    Efforts to clean up the large, and growing, aquatic Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico received a setback this month when the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) turned down a petition to carry out a clean-up plan.

  • Ogoniland needs world's biggest clean-up

    5 August 2011

    The environmental restoration of Ogoniland, in Nigeria, could prove to be the world’s most wide-ranging and long term oil clean-up exercise ever undertaken, a major report revealed this week.