Health and Pollution : Films

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  • Garbage!

    21 November 2007

    Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, the new Canadian feature length documentary by filmmaker Andrew Nisker candidly portrays the threat to our environment as the Mcdonald family of Toronto tracks their waste output for three months.

  • Toxic Pizza - Turn-around in Donetsk

    21 August 2000

    Toxic Pizza - Turn-around in Donetsk (1997) was commissioned to provide viewers in the Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics with a vision of a sustainable future.

  • Chernobyl - Years and Destinies

    21 August 2000

    For Chernobyl - Years and Destinies (1996), Ukrainian Director Georgy Shklyarevsky, revisits the region ten years after the world's worst nuclear accident. His film reveals the devastating effects of the disaster which are set to last well into the next century.