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  • The Atlas of Water

    22 June 2004

    Today more than a billion people are without safe drinking water. By 2050, almost half the world's population will face severe water shortages, warn the authors of this title.

  • Rivers for Life:

    24 May 2004

    This book asks the big questions about rivers, and sets forth to answer them fairly and fully. How much water does a river need to be healthy? Can rivers unite rather than divide the countries that share them? Given the world's growing thirst and limited water resources, can we save our rivers from death-by-desication?

  • Water and Food to 2025

    29 January 2003

    Are we headed toward a worldwide water crisis? The increasing demand for water among households, industry, the environment, and especially agriculture is making global water scarcity a perilous possibility. What will happen to food production and global food security as water becomes increasingly scarce? What steps can we take to avert threats to global food supply, the environment, and the livelihoods of those lacking access to clean water?

  • Rivers of Eden

    18 January 2001

    Conflicts over water are raging between Turkey and Iraq and Syria over the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and between Israel, Jordan and Palestine and Syria over the Jordan River. This informative, profound and objective book takes readers back to ancient Middle Eastern civilization to trace the present, the history and current status of river use in the region.

  • Rivers of Life

    18 January 2001

    Bangladesh is criss-crossed by more than 200 rivers, which are the lifeblood of its fertile delta and rich culture. Monsoon-season floods normally cover a third of the country in water, bringing invaluable benefits for agriculture, fishing and navigation.