Biodiversity : Books

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  • The Handbook of the Convention on Biological Diversity

    11 January 2002

    This is the official publication of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). It provides and authoritative analysis of its work in attempting to safeguard the world's biological resources.

  • The Diversity of Life

    27 March 2001

    How can a human species bent on habitat destruction built up over millions of years control its appetites and penchant for rapid extinction of other species? Edward Wilson, one of the world's leading entomologists and naturalists, has written a beautifully illustrated and designed book to demonstrate that our species and other life forms can mutually and productively share the same planet.

  • The Sacred Balance

    20 March 2001

    Among the flood of books on environment, a growing current focuses on the spiritual changes needed for us to stop our destruction of nature. The prescriptions are usually remarkably similar: recognise our unity with and interdependence with nature; shift from a Cartesian mechanistic view of reality to a holistic ecological view; control our egocentric, consumerist appetites. Of course they are no less valid for being repeated: the repetition is a sign of hope, it shows that a shift is occurring or has occurred in the dominant ideology.

  • Wanted Alive!

    20 March 2001

    WWF has published a recent series of booklets entitled Wanted Alive on endangered species, including giant pandas, Asian elephants, marine turtles, tigers, bears, apes and whales.

  • Hotspots

    8 March 2001

    This is a status report on Earth's richest, most endangered reservoirs of plant and animal life.