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  • Ecotourism - 'a cover for biopiracy'

    3 October 2002

    The International Year of Ecotourism (2002) has come under fire from a group of NGOs in the North and South.

  • Taking tourism to World Heritage sites

    3 October 2002

    The International Year of Ecotourism (2002) is being marked by an ambitious experiment in conservation and tourism at six World Heritage sites across the globe: two in Mexico, two in Indonesia, and one each in Guatemala and Honduras.

  • Indigenous people speak out at Ecotourism Summit

    5 June 2002

    The first World Ecotourism Summit, held in Quebec City, Canada, in May 2002, proved to be a lively forum for indigenous people from Ecuador, Mexico, the Arctic, US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. Among the 1000 delegates who attended this summit get together to mark the UN-designated International Year of Ecotourism, they certainly made their voices heard.

  • Ecotourism Summit meets amid controversy

    16 May 2002

    Over 1000 people from 120 countries met in Quebec City, Canada for the World's first Ecotourism Summit (19-22 May).

  • Penguins face 'tourist terror'

    16 July 2001

    As tourism booms in the Antarctic, scientific opinion on the dangers to wildlife is divided. The disturbance caused to penguins by groups of tourists is one example of differing views.

  • Oil exploration threatens Costa Rican coast

    13 July 2001

    Over the past two decades, Costa Rica has built a huge tourist industry on its reputation for environmental protection. Now one of its most beautiful protected areas, parts of which are a World Heritage Site, is threatened by oil exploration.