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  • A Trip Too Far

    10 July 2002

    Does ecotourism deliver real environmental benefits or is it just a marketing opportunity - 'green greed'? Through extensive use of case study and interview material, A Trip Too Far presents the first critical analysis of the impacts of ecotourism, both positive and negative, and shows how, given the right political context and regulation, it can work to support conservation and local economies.

  • The Good Alternative Travel Guide

    6 June 2002

    Compiled by Mark Mann for Tourism Concern, Europe's leading ethical tourism organization, this updated version of The Community Tourism Guide describes hundreds of exciting holidays that benefit poor communities throughout Asia, Africa, Latin Americaa and the Pacific - with practical details for booking a holiday.

  • Travelling Light

    18 December 2001

    "The aftermath of September 11 has shown us how important travel and tourism are to the global economy, but also how over-dependence on tourism can devastate lives and derail economies," says Lisa Mastny, in this December 2001 Worldwatch Paper. "Now, more than ever, it is time to put issues of sustainability at the top of the global tourism agenda."

  • Environment and Tourism

    8 November 2001

    This title (part of Routledge's 'Introduction to Environment Series) considers the connections between tourism, society and the environment by examining the meaning of 'tourism' and 'environment' and giving an historical overview of the growth of tourism.

  • Preserve or Destroy?

    10 July 2001

    Readable book about the impact of global tourism and how to manage it, with specific case studies of sustainable tourism projects in the UK and Ireland. Useful appendix of addresses.

  • Also Recommended

    10 July 2001

    These five reports below from the UK-based Tourism Concern provide a comprehensive introduction to sustainable tourism in the South.

  • Ecotourism Development in Eastern and Southern Africa

    10 July 2001

    Tourism is increasingly viewed by African governments and others as an economic sector which has great unexplored potential for earning foreign currency. It is also recognised that uncontrolled tourism development has the potential to affect the environment and local communities adversely.

  • Green Travel Guide

    9 July 2001

    A consumer guide to nature-based holidays, from repairing dry stone walls in the UK to jungle tours in South America.

  • Ecotourism and Sustainable Development

    9 July 2001

    A readable and well-researched US-based analysis of the ecotourism business with case studies of the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

  • Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel:

    9 July 2001

    As the subtitle implies, this is a critical look at the travel industry, particularly tourism in the South and including 'alternative travel' and ecotourism.