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  • Tough battle for True Ecotourism in Canada

    11 December 2001

    Quebec will be host in May 2002 to the World Ecotourism Convention. But, according to this special report for the People & the Planet website, genuine ecotourism is not easy to find in Canada.

  • Last Word: Tomorrow's Travellers

    12 July 2001

    A new form of ecotourism in which volunteers help in cultural and environmental conservation and research is gaining ground. Mark Cherrington reports.

  • Forest tourism: 1. Exploring Ghana's treetops

    11 July 2001

    Forest conservation is an important part of a major ecotourism programme being developed by the Washington-based Conservation International (CI). Here, Mari Omland, Manager of CI's Conservationist Development program, reports on a newly constructed rainforest canopy walkway in Ghana's Kakum National Park.

  • Opinion: Stemming the tourist tide

    11 July 2001

    As one of the world's largest economic activities, second only to trade in armaments and perhaps oil, the debate on its future growth and sustainability is fierce. Here Paul Gonsalves, Acting Director of the Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism, expresses a personal view.

  • Ecotourism or ecocide?

    10 July 2001

    Ecotourism is the fastest growing part of the world travel business, but whether it destroys more than it protects will depend upon how it is put into practice, says Erlet Cater, co-editor of Ecotourism: a Sustainable Option?

  • Forest tourism: 2. Can computers save a rainforest?

    10 July 2001

    In theory, all that is needed to save an indigenous people, living in harmony with its rainforest home, is to get them involved in showing high-paying tourists around. It doesn't often happen in the way it is supposed to do, but once in a while it does, as Randy Borman reports.

  • Country report - 1. Nepal

    10 July 2001

    Can trekkers help Manaslu?As trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas grows in popularity, the balancing act between tourism and conservation gets ever-more difficult. Here, Manesh Shrestha reports on the dilemmas caused by opening up the remote Manaslu range to organized groups.

  • Country report - 3. South Africa

    10 July 2001

    South Africa's new goldmineNelson Mandela may be South Africa's political saviour, but it is tourism that is widely seen as the backbone of the country's financial future and a way to fund social-development programmes. Caroline Wheal reports on projects for sustainable tourism - especially as it affects wildlife and people.

  • Ecotourism successes 3. Lessons from Basata

    10 July 2001

    Basata is a place of beauty and peace in the midst of Egypt's burgeoning concrete 'Riviera' on the Sinai coast. Heba Aziz and Sue Wheat report on one man's ecotourist dream come true.

  • Ecotourism successes: 4. Recycling a Jordan Village

    10 July 2001

    Recycling a Jordan village "Some people recycle paper and bottles. In Jordan they have managed to recycle a whole village." So said the British environmental campaigner, David Bellamy, announcing early in 1997 that Taybet Zaman near to Petra in Southern Jordan had won the British Airways global award for achievements in cultural heritage and environmental preservation. John Rowley went to investigate. Mark Edwards took the pictures.