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  • Country report - 2. Antarctica

    3 July 2001

    Small is beautiful in the planet's crystal wonderlandPossibly the world's least likely venue for popular tourism, Antarctica is an ice-bound wilderness far removed from civilization. Yet even here tourism pressures are building up, as Bernard Stonehouse reports.

  • Ecotourism successes: 1. Gorillas in the mist

    3 July 2001

    Half of the world's 630 mountain gorillas live in Uganda's remote Bwindi forest, where rich tourists provide essential income to conserve their habitat. Anna Borzello travelled to Bwindi to research this report.

  • Ecotourism successes: 2. Creating heaven in the Virgin Islands

    2 July 2001

    Stanley Selengut is a 68-year-old New York developer and civil engineer who, 24 years ago, decided that it would be nice to slow down and build a few tourist cottages in the United States Virgin Islands where he could live simply and invite a few friends. John Rowley reports.

  • Maasai hopes and fears

    2 July 2001

    Nowhere is the clash between tourism and the wellbeing of local people more obvious than in the East African rangelands which are, at once, the traditional homeland of the Maasai people and a wildlife magnet to tourists from all over the world. David Lovatt Smith talked to Paul Ntiati, a Maasai leader from Kenya, about the problem - and possible solutions.

  • Country report - 4. India

    20 June 2001

    Lessons from LadakhLadakh's high altitude wetlands are under severe stress from the livestock population as well as tourist influx. And says environmentalist, Ott Pfister, a big educational effort is needed to conserve these fragile environments, which are vital for the survival of a multitude of flora and fauna species