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  • Earthwise Journeys

    2 September 2004

    US website that lists 'responsible' tour operators and 'alternatives to mass tourism'.

  • Sustainable Travel International

    9 January 2004

    STI is the national body for eco-certification within the travel and tourism industry of the United States. The organisation seeks to promote global sustainable tourism and provides ecocertification for US ecotourism providers. It's website contains information on sustainable travel, an e-newsletter, eco-directory of sustainable tourism operators, links, and more.

  • Peace Boat

    9 December 2003

    Peace Boat is an educational NGO developing new ways to tackle global challenges by traveling the world by ship. Main areas of concern are peace, human rights, sustainable development and the environment.Through educational peace voyages, it aims to raise awareness through learning and sharing experiences with the peoples of the world. Voyages are open to all, but attract mainly Japanese passengers.

  • Institute of Development Studies, The - Tourism site

    10 March 2003

    The Institute of Development Studies site on Tourism contains many useful articles and links on the subjects of 'Sustainable Tourism' and 'Tourism and Poverty'. It also has a major events calendar of conferences on tourism.

  • International Ecotourism Club

    10 January 2003 is a network promoting ecotourism with members in over 130 countries. Visitors can find genuine ecolodges, make friends or network in the cafe, read about ecotourism news from around the world, ask experts for advice and more.


    2 January 2003

    This site profiles case studies, research and past projects in the field of sustainable tourism.

  • Travel Daily News International

    12 December 2002

    TravelDailyNews International is a daily newsletter for travel and tourism professionals around the world. Its website contains daily international news on various aspects of the industry. It also has topics sections on aviation, sustainable tourism, alternative travel, sea travel and amongst others.

  • World Ecotourism Summit (2002)

    24 May 2002

    Follow the events and outcome of the World Ecotourism Summit (2002) at this site.

  • United Nations Environment Programme - Ecotourism

    24 May 2002

    UNEP has a content-rich page on studies and conferences on ecotourism.

  •'s IYE 2002 Resouce Guide and Forum

    24 May 2002

    Planeta provides links to official events, summaries, criticism and related initiatives specific to the International Year of Ecotourism 2002. The site is regularly updated with suggestions made in the ongoing IYE 2002 Forum: