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  • ESSAY Economics for a shrinking planet

    11 October 2004

    Earlier this year a US Defence Department study concluded that the earth's carrying capacity was under threat from global warming - a threat that could lead to wars over energy, food and water. Here, a Canadian writer suggests an alternative economic framework that could lead the way to a healthy future on a shrinking planet. We publish this as a contribution to the necessary debate on this central dilemma.

  • Timber trade shows corrosive price of corruption

    11 May 2004

    In Sumatra's Jambi province, corrupt civilian and military officials collude with private loggers to illegally harvest and export timber - so much so that local legislators have, in the past, had to appeal to the army, police and officials to stop it. It is just one example of the corrosive price the environment pays for corruption.

  • SUCCESS STORY: Making rural development big business in India

    10 November 2003

    A large number of farmers in rural India are breathing a little bit easier these days. For three or four decades, they have been locked into a government-organized trading scheme that nearly ensures they get fleeced by the middlemen when they sell their grains at auction.

  • Fair trade - set for growth

    10 March 2003

    When the world price of primary commodities such as coffee, tea and sugar fall dramatically, it has a catastrophic impact on the lives of millions of small-scale producers. Many are forced into crippling debt; countless others lose their land and homes. Here, John Madeley tells the story of the Fairtrade movement, and of one woman whose life has been transformed by it.

  • Home grown food better for developing countries, says new report

    25 November 2002

    When people get together for celebratory meals this holiday season, much of their food will have logged more miles than their relatives and friends around the table, finds a new study by the Worldwatch Institute.

  • Spilling the beans on a brewing crisis

    9 May 2002

    Falling world coffee prices have created winners - and losers, writes Kevin Watkins.

  • In the dock

    8 May 2002

    'We are too beholden to trade' a trade official of a developing country told me at the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Doha, Qatar (November 2001).