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  • Voices from Planet 21

    13 August 2012

    In the past 20 years People & the Planet magazine and its website have published thousands of news reports and feature articles.  We have also reflected the opinions of some of the world’s most progressive thinkers. Here founder/editor John Rowley selects a few of these thoughts that still resonate today.

  • Melinda Gates helps family planning make a fresh start

    16 July 2012

    As the dust settles on last week’s London Family Planning Summit it is becoming clear that this event has a good chance of giving a promising new start to the century-long battle to bring informed choice over child-bearing to women everywhere – poor as well as rich. 

  • COMMENTARY: The case for family planning that Rio+20 forgot

    2 July 2012

    A few days ago Rio+20, the global mega-gathering on the planet’s sustainable future, published an outcome document that contains no reference to population or to family planning. (The Vatican, it seems, was driving the consensus.)

  • Mixed signals for Africa's population growth

    14 June 2012

    The pace of fertility decline in sub-Saharan Africa will be the single most important factor in whether the global population reaches the UN's high projection of nearly 11 billion in 2050, or remains closer to the low projection of 8 billion. But recent signals from sub Saharan Africa present a mixed picture.

  • COMMENTARY: World must wake up to the coming crisis in the Sahel

    23 January 2012

    If forecasters could draw isobars outlining human suffering, then the high pressure zone of human pain would surely be in the failed, and failing states, along the Sahel, and across to Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan, says Professor Malcolm Potts. This powerful Commentary is a wake-up call for new strategies to avert an environmentally-induced human catastrophe. 

  • COMMENTARY: Overpopulation is too big a problem to ignore

    26 October 2011

    Sir John Sulston, Nobel prize-winning biologist and chair of the Royal Society’s ongoing study into People and the Planet, warns here that population must not be ignored if we are avoid a ‘vast human tragedy'. 

  • Philippines: surging population, rising troubles

    24 May 2011

    This Commentary, by South East Asia contributing editor Henrylito Tacio, looks at what has happened to the ‘Lost Eden’ of the Philippines - a country where the influential Catholic Church continues to oppose access to modern means of family planning, resulting in high population growth and environmental woes.

  • Struggling to end female circumcision in Uganda

    3 January 2010

    Today, female genital cutting (FGC) affects 130 million girls and women mainly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, leaving many suffering long-term, physical and psychologial damage. Despite this long-standing traditional practice, beliefs are slowly beginning to change, says Don Hinrichsen, who visited Uganda to report on the work of one remarkable organisation called REACH.

  • COMMENTARY: Population, gender, and climate change

    26 November 2009

    Improving access to family planning services and promoting sexual equality are a priority in dealing with climate change says Karen Hardee in an editorial for the Britsh Medical Journal, reproduced here.

  • Editor's Blog: Wasted years

    30 June 2009

    More than a decade after the world agreed a progressive agenda on population and development at the 1994 Cairo conference on the subject, today's leaders are waking up to the reality of 15 wasted years.