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  • Welcome to our Website

    15 August 2012

    Twenty years ago at the first Earth Summit in Rio, a new British charity, Planet 21, launched People and the Planet magazine in an effort to track progress in working towards a fair and sustainable future for humanity on planet earth.

  • World cannot sustain increasing population growth: UN report

    21 February 2012

    The United Nations has published a grim report warning that time is running out to ensure that there is enough food, water and energy to meet the demands of a rapidly growing population.

  • How to trigger greener, smarter growth - while fighting poverty

    21 February 2011

    Investing two per cent of global GDP into ten key sectors can kick-start a transition towards a low-carbon, resource efficient Green Economy, a new report launched today says.

  • Samburu people 'under attack' over land rights

    20 November 2009

    In a special alert from Kenya, Cultural Survival says the government there has been carrying out "massive and well-organized attacks on Samburu villages by combined police and military forces and the use of government-funded mercenaries from Somalia." The aim, it seems, is to support oil leases recently awarded to Chinese companies to drill on Samburu land in violation of their rights.

  • Rich countries launch great land grab

    24 November 2008

    In a two-page Special Report, The Guardian newspaper (London, November 22), has revealed how rich governments and corporations are buying up land in poor developing countries to safeguard food and other agricultural resources for consumers in the developed world, often at the expense of local needs and small peasant farmers. Julian Borger's report, is reproduced here, with links to case studies in the Madagascar, Laos and Brazil.

  • Ivory sale raises fears of new slaughter

    30 October 2008

    Elephants are again under threat, with a disturbing resumption of the ivory trade that has been banned since 1989. There are fears that the recent export of ivory from Namibia could trigger a resurgence of the poaching that has drastically reduced African elephant numbers. This report is by Jonathan Clayton, Africa Correspondent of The Times (London).

  • EU trade deal 'could damage African forests'

    21 October 2008

    African countries will be locked into an economic model based on the export of raw materials that could have a devastating impact on forests and wildlife, if new EU trade deals shaped by former trade commissioner Peter Mandelson are signed - according to a new report from Friends of the Earth.

  • Food crisis puts Doha trade talks into limbo

    30 May 2008

    The global problem of rising oil and commodity prices is having a negative impact on the viability of the current round of Dohatrade talks, says an editorial in The Nation newspaper in Barbabos. So much so that it is off the table, so to speak, among most countries at this time.

  • COMMENTARY: New ruling may spark organic coffee crisis

    15 June 2007

    A move by the US to change the organic certification process is likely to make it more expensive and difficult for small-scale organic coffee growers in the developing countries, who produce the bulk of organic coffee in the world, to continue to survive.

  • British NGO's call for curb on supermarkets

    26 February 2007

    Supermarkets' ever increasing power has devastating implications for people and the environment around the world and should be curbed according to the British TV chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.