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  • New books from Earthscan

    22 December 2009

  • Rehabilitation and Restoration of Degrated Forests

    26 August 2004

    Large areas of the world's forests have been lost or degraded and landscapes everywhere are being simplified by current land-use practices. In this publication, the authors present approaches to restoring and rehabilitating the vast areas of degraded, fragmented and modified forests which cover much of the world.

  • Linkages in the Landscape

    26 August 2004

    The loss and fragmentation of natural habitats is one of the major issues in wildlife management and conservation, says the author of this title.

  • A New Agenda For Forest Conservation and Poverty Reduction:

    26 August 2004

    The future of the world's forests and the future of millions of the world's poorest people are inextricably linked. More than a billion mostly poor people now live within the world's 19 forest biodiversity "hotspots" and over 90 per cent of those who live on less than a dollar a day depend fully or in part on forest products for their livelihoods.

  • The Pulp Invasion

    9 December 2003

    This report on the growing pulp and paper industry in the Mekong Region, raises many questions about the wisdom and fairness of promoting plantation forests in the developing world. It is specially relevant to those aid agencies, international institutions and NGO's which have backed the pulp industry in Southeast Asia.

  • Dams: Struggles Against the Modern Dinosaurs

    30 May 2003

    This title draws together a selection of articles published in the World Rainforest Movement Bulletin, addressing the impacts of large dams on forests and local communities, as well as their struggles against their construction.

  • Tapping the Green Market

    30 January 2003

    This new edition to the People and Plants Conservation Series looks at the rapidly growing interest in, and demand for non-timber forest products. They provide critical resources across the globe, fulfilling nutritional, medicinal, financial and cultural needs.

  • Africa: Forests under threat

    16 October 2002

    This book, based on a series of on-line articles published by World Rainforest Movement's monthly Bulletin, explores the reasons behind the continuing destruction of African forests and the struggle to protect and sustainably use these precious resources.

  • In Brief

    23 May 2002

  • Clearcut

    13 August 2000

    If Westoby's approach is people-centred then this striking book is nature-centred. The spiritual dimension of trees and forests is highlighted and the tragedy of their destruction is starkly illustrated with 169 pages of full colour plates. Not a book for the squeamish!