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  • The Solar Economy

    1 December 2003

    The global economy and the way of life it has created are based on the exploitation of fossil fuels - coal, oil and, more recently, natural gas - and fossil fuels will be the engine of the collapse of that economy, warns Hermann Scheer . Without fundamental change, he says, it has no future.

  • Energy Revolution: Policies for a Sustainable Future

    14 January 2003

    This book was hailed by Christopher Flavin, president of the Worldwatch Institute, as "a clear road map to the proven policies that will make a post-petroleum economy possible."

  • Hands On - Energy, Infrastructure and Recycling

    19 April 2002

    Based on the Hands On series of video films prepared by the Television Trust for the Environment and broadcast on BBC World, Hands On - Energy, Infrastructure and Recycling covers innovations in energy and power, buildings, transport and re-use of materials.

  • Factor Four

    7 November 2000

    Factor Four is one of the very best and most important reports the Club of Rome has ever put out. It deals with the central challenge we face over the next half century: how to accommodate population growth and economic growth, while at the same time not just stabilizing the burden of consumption and waste currently threatening the planet, but reducing it below its present unsustainable level.

  • Transforming Electricity

    7 November 2000

    The enthusiastic heralding of revolutions is part of the frenetic backdrop to modern technological change. Such clarion calls are nowhere more familiar than in the field of environment and sustainability, where they have become something of an occupational hazard. But this book - with its powerful and engaging imagery, its readable style, its panoramic scope and its relaxed authority - is a classic of the genre.

  • Power Surge

    7 November 2000

    Flavin and Lenssen's excellent book is much more than a guide to the coming energy revolution: it also provides an illuminating account of the history of energy use.

  • Recommended reading

    7 November 2000

    Among the vast literature on electricity and renewable energy the following titles are especially useful, writes Walt Patterson.