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  • Beyond Reach? John Madeley (Longstone Books, 2009, £9.99)

    18 September 2009

    After some 30 years of writing factual books and newspaper articles on development and poverty issues, journalist, author and broadcaster John Madeley switches to a novel to tell the story of the 2005 Make Poverty History campaign.

  • Big Business, Poor Peoples

    2 March 2009

    Transnational corporations (TNCs) are one of the most important actors in the global economy, occupying a more powerful position than ever before. In their persistent battle to increase profits, they have increasingly turned to the developing world, a world that holds many attractions for them. But what is their impact on the poor?

  • The Urgency of Now

    25 July 2008

    A small book about the madness of inequality and poverty: how they're wrecking people's lives and why sorting them out will make things better for us all.

  • 100 ways to Make Poverty History

    11 October 2005

    This 'Action kit to change your world' contains 100 personal actions, that could help make a difference to the way that millions of people live in the developing world.

  • Conserving nature - helping people

    19 September 2005

    The central theme of this latest book from the World Conservaton Union is that environmental conservation can and must contribute more actively to the battle against poverty.

  • The subsidy scandal

    11 December 2003

    Among all the causes of environmental destruction and social dislocation, government subsidies must rank high. Global spending on subsidies to farming, road transport, and the energy and water industries alone, is costing tax payers over $700 billion a year, not far short of the global spend on arms.

  • Vital Signs 2003

    14 October 2003

    Failure to meet the needs of the world's poorest citizens threatens long-term global stability, reports a new publication by the Worldwatch Institute, Vital Signs 2003: The Trends That are Shaping Our Future.

  • A Buyer's Market

    10 July 2002

    A short and simple guide to the complexities of world trade, which explains why countries that depend on the export of raw commodities can't win under the present system.

  • The Trade Trap

    10 July 2002

    This book explains the complexities and difficulties of the international trade system and examines what poor countries can do about the trap in which they find themselves.

  • Food for All

    23 May 2002

    This excellent booklet examines why there are still nearly 800 million people in the world suffering from chronic hunger and argues that existing trade agreements may be undermining the poorest countries' efforts to boost rural development and reduce poverty and hunger.