Eco Tourism : Films

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  • Looking Beyond the Brochure

    26 July 2001

    This teaching video focuses on tourism in the Gambia is suitable for students of 12-years plus.

  • Goa Under Siege

    26 July 2001

    This overview of tourism in Goa mixes interviews with politicians, tourism developers and campaigners covering social, economic and environmental impacts.

  • Sex With Angels

    26 July 2001

    Tourism in the paradise island of the Dominican Republic is increasing. So are the numbers of local girls selling sex for tourist dollars.

  • St Lucia - Island at Risk

    26 July 2001

    Green gold, hot sulphur springs and sandy beaches are just some of St Lucia's assets. The backbone of St Lucia's economy is the banana industry - the 'Green Gold' that flourishes in this tropical Caribbean climate. But tourism is the island's fastest growing sector, bringing as many visitors every year as there are residents.

  • Donana - The Last Resort

    26 July 2001

    Home to the flamingo, coot, marbled teal, ganule and abundant heron, Donana National Park on Spain's Atlantic Coast was created in 1967 to protect one of Europe's most important wetlands. Now this unique ecosystem is threatened on several fronts by industrial growth, by agricultural development, by poaching and by tourism.