Eco Tourism : Factfile

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  • Coastlines and cruises

    26 June 2008

    The seaside - beaches, coastlines and islands - is the most popular type of holiday destination. Unfortunately, they are also being destroyed at the greatest speed.

  • Tourism and people

    10 June 2008

    Tourism is said to be the world's largest employer. It plays a crucial role in world economics and has a significant impact on many people's lives - but this economic impact has been relatively little studied. It is also hard to quantify less tangible impacts such as the effects of tourism on local cultures. These impacts can be both positive and negative. For example, in many countries of the South, a culture of beach boys has developed which is in stark contrast to their own traditions and customs and this in turn creates conflict in their societies. On the positive side, tourism can encourage pride in local traditions and support local arts and crafts. Tourism brings income to the local communities and supports employment. It can, however, also cause price hikes, especially in land and food, which may be disproportionate to the earnings of the local people.

  • Ecotourist destinations

    10 June 2008

    Ecotourist destinations are gaining increasing publicity through press and television. The examples provided in the websites below range from the simple to the sophisticated. No judgment is made by this website on the environmental and social credentials of these holidays.

  • Global tourism: growing fast

    9 June 2008

    Tourism is the world's largest industry, with an annual revenue of almost $500 billion. And it is growing fast, with airline arrivals expected to double by 2010.

  • Tourism and the environment

    4 June 2008

    Perhaps the greatest environmental problem created by tourism is the contribution of air travel to global warming.

  • Tourism and conservation

    4 June 2008

    Tourism can both aid conservation and protect the rain forests, coastlines, mountains, marine life and endangered species, but it can also contribute to excluding people from designated protected areas.

  • Sustainable tourism and ecotourism

    6 September 2004

    Various terms attempt to describe tourism that is low-impact, good for the environment and for local communities.