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  • Voices from Planet 21

    13 August 2012

    In the past 20 years People & the Planet magazine and its website have published thousands of news reports and feature articles.  We have also reflected the opinions of some of the world’s most progressive thinkers. Here founder/editor John Rowley selects a few of these thoughts that still resonate today.

  • Solar power off the grid: energy access for world's poor

    7 February 2012

    More than a billion people worldwide lack access to electricity. The best way to bring it to them — while reducing greenhouse gas emissions — is to launch a global initiative to provide solar panels and other forms of distributed renewable power to poor villages and neighbourhoods.

  • Geothermal energy use set to double

    17 June 2011

    The amount of energy produced from geothermal sources is projected to almost double by 2015, says a new report from the Earth Policy Institute. And the potential is almost limitless - enough to power the world two times over.

  • Wind power goes global

    24 March 2011

    For many years, a small handful of countries dominated growth in wind power, but this is changing as the industry goes global, with more than 70 countries now developing wind resources.

  • Green energy: 'US must show the way forward '

    22 February 2011

    Leading environmental economist Robert Repetto, whose new book America's Climate Problem: The Way Forward, is just out, argues that the global  transition to a green economy will not happen unless the United States steps up its own efforts to deal with climate change.

  • Green energy's big challenge: the daunting task of scaling up

    2 February 2011

    To shift the global economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy will require the construction of wind, solar, nuclear, and other installations on a vast scale, significantly altering the face of the planet. Can these new forms of energy approach the scale needed to meet global energy demands? asks David Biello of Yale e360.

  • Africa : the wrong climate for big dams

    9 February 2010

    Some 550 million people in Africa live without electricity and power is critically short in many African countries. But with increasing droughts and climate uncertainty this is not the right time to rush into more big dams when there are so many other promising renewable energy alternatives, says Lori Pottinger

  • Edtior's Blog: Green power

    30 June 2009

    As the world graph of greenhouse gas emissions keeps on rising and entrenched fossil fuel lobbies are fed millions of dollars to scupper radical clean-up measures, it is easy to overlook the quiet progress that is being made to step up the transition to a renewable energy future.

  • COMMENTARY: Learning from Cuba for a green energy revolution

    27 May 2009

    US President Barack Obama has proposed to invest $150 billion in renewable energy and energy efficiency over the next ten years. But, says Peter Bosshard he need look no further than La Havana for inspiration. Cuba has successfully greened its energy sector over the last few years, and is now exporting its energy revolution. "Will we soon benefit from Cuban expertise in cleaning up the US energy sector?" he asks.

  • Plan B: Reducing energy demand by 2020

    7 January 2009

    Projections from the International Energy Agency show global energy demand growing by close to 30 per cent by 2020, setting the stage for massive growth in the carbon dioxide emissions that are warming our planet. But dramatically ramping up energy efficiency would allow the world to not only avoid growth in energy demand but actually reduce global demand to below 2006 levels by 2020.