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  • Voices from Planet 21

    13 August 2012

    In the past 20 years People & the Planet magazine and its website have published thousands of news reports and feature articles.  We have also reflected the opinions of some of the world’s most progressive thinkers. Here founder/editor John Rowley selects a few of these thoughts that still resonate today.

  • COMMENTARY: The G20 summit - what does it mean for the poor?

    6 April 2009

    A 29 point communiqué, including US$1.1 trillion for global economic recovery, but weak on trade issues and almost non-existent on climate change. And little for the world's poor from G20 leaders.

  • COMMENTARY: Time to think again on trade talks

    31 July 2008

    The immediate cause of the breakdown of the Doha Round of trade talks between ministers in Geneva this week was disagreement between rich and poor countries over the degree to which poor countries should be allowed to protect their farmers from imports. But the real reason was that the talks were a betrayal of of the development agenda, says John Madeley.

  • From poverty to power

    25 July 2008

    Oxfam's Duncan Green summarizes the central argument of his new book From Poverty to Power. Challenging the view that progress in developing countries is predominantly driven by changes in rich country behavior, it instead seeks to demonstrate that change happens from the bottom-up, driven by effective states that are held to account by active citizens.

  • NGOs press for a fresh approach to the food crisis

    23 June 2008

    The Doha Round of world trade talks in Geneva are approaching the crunch point with no agreement in sight on the big issues of agricultural subsidies, tariffs and trade in sensitive products. Here Kanaga Raja reports on some of the key concerns put forward by 237 NGO's, trade unions,farmers' organisations and social movements from nearly fifty countries.

  • COMMENTARY: What China is doing to Goa

    7 May 2007

    I wrote in a previous article about how mining in Goa for iron ore was ripping its forests and devastating its people. I wrote of the violence and protests I saw in its villages, where miners were pitted against people angry at the loss of their cultivable lands and their water bodies. I had asked then: what are we doing? I ask this again.

  • COMMENTARY: Poverty and population: the crucial links

    4 April 2007

    The twenty-first century began on an inspiring note when the countries that belong to the United Nations adopted the goal of cutting the number of people living in poverty in half by 2015. And as of 2005 [the last year for which there are reported figures], the world is ahead of schedule for reaching this goal. But not all regions are benefitting.

  • Fair trade: success story for the poor

    9 February 2007

    Fair trade has emerged from nowhere to become a success story of our time. From chocolate, coffee and bananas to clothes and crafts, it has now become a mainstream way for people to buy knowing they are helping some of the world's poorest people. Here John Madeley and Miles Litvinoff, who have written a new guidebook on the subject, bring the story up to date.

  • Big fight ahead on food security

    5 June 2006

    A key question is taking centre stage in the world trade talks, now at a critical stage: whether developing countries have the right to food security and to protect the livelihood of their farmers, or whether they must allow cheaper imports that may overwhelm local agriculture. Martin Khor reports

  • Poverty on an Indian lake of plenty

    12 October 2004

    The plight of fisherfolk who live in the areas surrounding Chilka Lake, near the Bay of Bengal in the Indian State of Orissa, is evidence of the impact on poor women in particular, and the natural resources on which they depend, of globalised trade. Manipadma Jena reports from Bhubaneshwar.