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  • Selva Bananito Ecolodge

    9 January 2009

    Selva Bananito Ecolodge in Costa Rica is distinguished for its conservation efforts because we do take an active stand in conservation by directing and supporting our watershed conservation efforts through Fundación Cuencas de Limón or Limon Watershed Foundation. In order to achieve this goal, we provide logistic and financial support to this Non-Profit Organization, through revenues generated by the nature and adventure activities we offer at our Ecolodge Hotel Costa Rica, Ecolodge Selva Bananito.

  • Worldwatch Institute

    14 May 2008

    Worldwatch is a well-respected environmental organisation which has done much to alert the public and policy-makers to the long-term consequences of cropland loss, declining biological diversity, damaged fisheries, stressed water systems, unwise subsidies, poverty and consumer pressures in meeting the nutritional needs of a growing world population.

  • Sustainable Development International

    14 May 2008

    Sustainable Development International Online provides a centralised source of information, updated on a regular basis in connection with the World Summit on Sustainable Development, with case studies, news and feature articles.

  • ecoescape

    2 November 2007

    offers a wealth of green travel inspiration including comprehensive details of hotels, campsites, B&Bs, attractions, restaurants and pubs around the UK.

  • Eco Trails Kerala

    31 October 2007

    Eco Trails Kerala is an independent travel service providing personalised assistance and services to tourists wishing to explore the backwaters of Kerala, including houseboat tours.

  • Ecotrackers

    11 June 2007

    Ecotrackers sends volunteers to 17 indigenous communities and 10 National Protected Areas, to stay between one week and 6 months and to carry out a variety of tasks from teaching English in schools to work on ecotourism projects, including reforestation, health & sanitation, and agricultural development.

  • Bushdrums

    5 January 2007

    This website provides readers with insider - and background - information about the impact of tourism on the fragile African environment. The website provides plenty of details on wildlife, news, eco-lodges ... it does not take bookings or receive commissions.

  • Mexico Ecotourism

    31 January 2006

    GloCaltravel offers ecotours, accommodation and info about sustainable tourism in Mexico, with emphasis on local culture and environment.

  • Community Tourism in Ecuador

    6 December 2005

    The International Labour Office (ILO), which runs REDTURS to promote sustainable tourism initiatives in Latin America, has set up this website in Ecuador, in association with students of the specialised tourism University of Quito (UCT), to promote Community Based Tourism in Ecuador.

  • Ecotourism Resource Centre

    2 September 2004

    An Australian eco-tourism website providing a comprehensive guide to ecotourism practice, and general tourism and travel best practice management sites world-wide.