Poverty and Trade : Links

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  • Worldwatch Institute

    14 May 2008

    Worldwatch is a well-respected environmental organisation which has done much to alert the public and policy-makers to the long-term consequences of cropland loss, declining biological diversity, damaged fisheries, stressed water systems, unwise subsidies, poverty and consumer pressures in meeting the nutritional needs of a growing world population.

  • developmentdata.org

    3 October 2007

    The new website contains links to developing country data on inequality, trade, aid, education, agriculture, migration, health, FDI, population, governance and debt, and to websites that host and/or catalogue household survey data.

  • Ethical Trading Initiative

    7 February 2007

    The ETI is an alliance of companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and trade union organisations committed to promoting good practice in the implementation of codes of labour practice. Its website contains includes news, events and publications.

  • UN Food and Agricultural Organisation's statistical databases

    25 May 2004

    FAOSTAT is an on-line and multilingual database of international statistics covering agricultural production, trade, food balance, fertilizer and pesticides, land use and irrigation, population, forest and fishery products.

  • United States Department of Agriculture

    25 May 2004

    USDA website includes information on agriculture, food production and nutrition, marketing and trade, natural resources and the environment, rural and community development, research and science, and a news service relating to these issues.

  • United States National Agricultural Library

    25 May 2004

    The Nation's primary source for agricultural information is an excellent tool for researchers, educators, policy-makers, consumers of agricultural products, and the public. The Library is one of the world's largest and most accessible agricultural libraries, supporting research, education, and applied agriculture. The library contains numerous catalogues, databases, special collections, publications and reference books.

  • Fabian Global Forum

    29 July 2003

    The Fabian Global Forum website is designed to encourage consensus and develop ideas for the Fabian Society's project, Social Democracy in the Global Age, which aims to develop a progressive response to the problems of globalisation. The website is also a 'one-stop-shop' for those seeking the latest resources and publications contributing to the progressive reform of globalisation.

  • Environmental Investigation Agency

    17 June 2003

    With offices in London and Washington DC, EIA is an independent, international campaigning organisation committed to investigating and exposing environmental crime such as the illegal trade in wildlife, illegal logging and trade in timber species, and the world-wide trade in ozone depleting substances. Its website includes information about its current campaigns and action, news, a photo gallery and links.

  • Anti-Slavery International

    9 August 2002

    Anti-Slavery International is the world's oldest international human rights organisation, founded in 1839 in the United Kingdom to eliminate the system of slavery and related abuses around the world. Its website contains information on its on-going campaigns, news and resources such as publications, links, videos and photos. It also has a worthy, campaigning website on the fight against human trafficking entitled 'Stop Human Traffic'.

  • Development Gateway Portal

    24 May 2002

    This portal seeks to facilitate access to information and knowledge on development and poverty reduction and provides a space where people can share experiences.