World's biggest offshore windfarm opens

Posted: 11 February 2012

UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Edward Davey opened the world’s biggest offshore windfarm on 9 February.

The new site, located near Walney in Cumbria, north-west England, comprises 102 turbines, enough to power 320,000 homes. It sits alongside 60 other turbines generating off the Cumbrian coast, with more planned.

Walmey windfarm, Cumbria
Walmey windfarm, Cumbria.

Opening the new windfarm, Secretary of State Edward Davey, said: "Britain has a lot to be proud of in our growing offshore wind sector.  Our island’s tremendous natural resource, our research base and a proud history of engineering make this the number one destination for investment in offshore wind. 

 "And Walney is the newest, biggest and fastest-built jewel in that crown, providing clean power for hundreds of thousands of households.

Commenting on the opening, Paul Steedman, Energy Campaigner at Friends of the Earth said: “The UK has one of the biggest wind resources in the world – the opening of this massive new wind farm is fantastic news, but in terms of what we could achieve it’s just a drop in the ocean.

“Cash-strapped families are facing rocketing fuel bills because of our reliance on expensive gas and coal – the only long-term solution is to invest in clean British energy and slashing energy waste."