Zero Ten Twenty - The Children of Rio

Posted: 24 June 2012

In 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, tve started filming with 11 babies, born in 10 different countries around the world.

The idea was simple: tve would track the impact of Rio and our rapidly changing world, through their lives and their stories. Over the last 20 years they returned to film key moments in our children’s lives.

Vusumzi, from South Africa. Photo © tve

In 2012, they’ve caught up with our children again, and find out how they have fared and their hopes, fears and ambitions for the future – a unique diary about what it feels like to grow up in our fast-changing 21st Century world. The result is three 45-minute documentaries, released to coincide with the Rio Earth Summit 2012.

In the first episode we travel to Brazil where Rosamaria was born within yards of the Summit.  To Papua New Guinea where Angela was born just as a new gold mine was being opened.  To Latvia, newly free from Soviet rule, where Martens was born. And to the north of England where Hayley was born just as her dad was being made redundant.

Panjy, from India. Photo © tve

The second episode begins in Tamil Nadu in India where Panjy was born in a society where children go to work. Then to the Arctic north of Norway where Emelia was born to a fishing family. And to South Africa, where, because of the unique circumstances, they follow two babies – Justin and Vusumzi.

Kaykay, from China. Photo © tve

In the third episode tve goes to northern Kenya, where for twenty years they’ve followed Erdo, whose nomadic way of life is under threat.  Northern California where Stephanie Standley’s born into a world where business clashes with concern for the environment.  And Southern China - where a modern industrial revolution will transform the life of baby Kay Kay.

Read more and play the videos here.