Vol 2 No 3 - Wildlife And People

Issued: 1993 (32 pages)

The aim of this issue was to use ‘wildlife’ as shorthand for the whole diversity of life on earth, including plant life, and to relate it to the diversity of human cultures. As Paul Harrison writes in his Overview ‘The threats to the planet‘s vast array of plants and animals derives from the overwhelming dominance of the human species.’ Elsewhere this issue of the magazine charts how birds help to map nature’s diversity hotspots and can help save the forest. It also looks at the links between indigenous cultures and nature, reports on Madagascar’s treasury of plants, describes how tigers and people can live in harmony, and explores the sustainable use of wildlife.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Beyond the butterfly
  • Page 4 - Newsfile
  • Page 6 - Scrambling for space
  • Page 10 - How birds help map hotspots
  • Page 11 - Diverse nature, diverse cultures
  • Page 14 - Saving the bird - saving the forest
  • Page 16 - Madagascar's treasury of plants
  • Page 18 - Librarians of the Peruvian forest
  • Page 20 - Tigers and people: partnership for survival
  • Page 22 - Learning from the dolphins
  • Page 24 - Cranes, rivers and people
  • Page 26 - Viewpoint
  • Page 28 - Gadfly: How many migrants for Europe?
  • Page 29 - Associates' News
  • Page 31 - Books


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