Vol 4 No 1 - A World Of Waste

Issued: 1995 (36 pages)

This issue looks at the global problem of waste, with an introduction by Ken Gourlay, courageously completed just before his death from cancer. This stresses the priority that the people of the affluent North accept a change in the way in which they live, using less wasteful methods of production and consumption. It is a message taken up by John Young from the Worldwatch Institute who writes about a new culture of consumption and the materials revolution. Other reports follow from Vaclav Smil on China’s ‘consumption frenzy’, John Elkington on ‘can business help?’ , Charlie Pye-Smith on ‘salvation from sewage in Calcutta [Kolkata] on the Cairo zabbaleen recyclers in Cairo and by John Rowley on the tomorrow city of Lille. Professor Peter Timmerman, a leading Buddhist commentator adds a final word in defence of materialism.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: The revolution to come
  • Page 4 - Newsfile
  • Page 6 - A world of waste
  • Page 10 - Towards a new culture of consumption
  • Page 13 - The materials revolution
  • Page 15 - China's consumption frenzy cannot last
  • Page 17 - Can big business help?
  • Page 20 - Sustainable success stories 1: Calcutta
  • Page 22 - Sustainable success stories 2: Cairo
  • Page 25 - Sustainable success stories 3: Lille
  • Page 28 - Profile: Dhanapala Samarasekara
  • Page 28 - Insight: Peter Timmermann
  • Page 32 - Old values, new lifestyles
  • Page 33 - Associates' News
  • Page 35 - Films
  • Page 36 - Books


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