Vol 7 No 2 - Year Of The Ocean

Issued: 1998 (32 pages)

The purpose of the International Year of the Oceans was, in the words of UNESCO: ‘to obtain commitments from governments to take action, provide adequate resources and give priority to the ocean and coastal areas which they deserve.’ This was important ‘in view of the increasing threats of pollution, population pressure, excessive fishing, coastal zone degradation and climate variability to the finite resources that the oceans represent.’ There was also a need to raise popular understanding and concern about a resource that has long been thought of as free and limitless, and to which this issue of People & the Planet made its own contribution. Introduced by Don Hinrichsen and widely distributed at the the Ocean EXPO in Lisbon, it included articles by Carl Safina on ocean fisheries, by Bruce McKay and Kieran Mulvaney on efforts to clean up the ocean sinks, by John Pernetta on rising seas, by Jean-Pierre Levy on giving the Law of the Sea the necessary people power and by Sylvia Earle on why we should care.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Power of the people
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: News from around the globe
  • Page 6 - The ocean planet
  • Page 10 - Renewing the world's fisheries
  • Page 14 - Cleaning up the seas
  • Page 17 - Turtle tales
  • Page 18 - Rising seas and changing currents
  • Page 20 - Secret treasures from the deep
  • Page 22 - Caretakers of the sea
  • Page 24 - Managing the oceans
  • Page 27 - Essay: Why should we care?
  • Page 28 - Book & film reviews
  • Page 30 - Associates' News


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