Vol 8 No 1 - A World Beyond 6 Billion

Issued: 1999 (36 pages)

Five years after the Cairo Population Conference, this issue reassessed its outcome. Hailed for its success in reaching agreement on policy and funding for a fresh approach to the issues of population, environment and development it was falling short on delivery. Its Programme of Action broke new ground, moving away from numbers to practical ways of bringing about a rapid improvement in reproductive health. This involved not only better family planning and maternal health care but expanded investment in education and child survival, and greater opportunities for women. If carried through, it was agreed; this would slow population growth, liberate women’s energies and ease pressure on the environment. But after 1995, funding stalled, and left just words, not action behind. The demographic story is told by Carl Haub of the Population Institute, and the cost of unchecked population growth is outlined by Lester Brown and colleagues at the Worldwatch Institute. Other contributors include Professor Benneh on the prospects for ‘a second Africa’, Gro Harlem Brundtland on giving WHO moral clout, and the inside story on motherhood and child survival in China, India, Indonesia and Ghana.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Beyond 6 billion
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: News from around the globe
  • Page 6 - Overview: 6 billion - and counting
  • Page 10 - Rising numbers
  • Page 12 - What hope for a second Africa?
  • Page 15 - Giving WHO moral clout
  • Page 18 - Reproductive revolution
  • Page 20 - Inside Story: 1: China
  • Page 23 - Inside Story: 2: India
  • Page 26 - Inside Story: 3: Indonesia
  • Page 28 - Cover Story: Ghana
  • Page 30 - Last word: Women: left out too long
  • Page 31 - Gadfly: Consuming the future
  • Page 32 - Associates' News
  • Page 34 - Book & film reviews


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